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Vertex Pharmaceuticals and Trikafta: Hope for Patients With Cystic Fibrosis

Biotech News | 10.11.2019

  The US Food and Drug Administration FDA has approved a drug against cystic fibrosis that...

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Takeover Rumors about CRISPR Therapeutics: Does Vertex Make a Move?

Biotech News | 30.10.2019

As a result of new takeover rumors, CRISPR Therapeutics’ share price has increased more than 27%...

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Vertex Pharmaceuticals Appoints Carmen Bozic as New Chief Medical Officer

Biotech News | 01.10.2019

Vertex Pharmaceuticals' today announced Carmen Bozic as a successor of the previous chief medical...

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Quo Vadis, Vertex Pharmaceuticals?

Biotech News | 18.09.2019

The Boston-based US biopharmaceutical company Vertex Pharmaceuticals, specialized in the treatment...

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Vertex Pharmaceuticals Pays $950 Million for Stem Cell Player Semma Therapeutics

Biotech News | 03.09.2019

Vertex Pharmaceuticals, the US cystic fibrosis specialist and member of our Biotech Investments...

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Vertex Pharmaceuticals Increases Sales by 25% in the Second Quarter of 2019

Biotech News | 01.08.2019

Vertex Pharmaceuticals yesterday evening announced its financial results for the second quarter of...