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Roche: New Hope in the Fight Against the Coronavirus

Biotech News | 23.03.2020

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche to test its...

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Coronavirus: Why Roche’s Diagnostic Test Is a Real Game Changer

Biotech News | 14.03.2020

The Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche developed a new diagnostic test for SARS-CoV-2 which...

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Roche’s Esbriet Gets FDA Breakthrough Designation for Interstitial Lung Disease

Biotech News | 03.03.2020

Genentech, a member of the Roche Group, today announced that the FDA has granted Breakthrough...

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Severe Setback on the Way Towards a Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease

Biotech News | 11.02.2020

Roche and Eli Lilly announced that their anti-amyloid beta antibodies failed a phase 2/3 clinical...

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Roche to Pay $200 Million for Rights to RNAi Hepatitis B Drug

Biotech News | 31.10.2019

The Basel-based Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche is spending $200 million for a global licensing...

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A Glimmer of Hope for Roche in the Battle for Spark Takeover

Biotech News | 25.10.2019

The employees of the US antitrust authority FTC approve the planned takeover of Spark Therapeutics....

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Roche with Strong Growth and Third Full-Year Guidance Increase since January 2019

Biotech News | 17.10.2019

The pharmaceutical giant increased sales by ten percent in the first three quarters, more than...

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Roche Extends Takeover Offer for Spark Therapeutics Again

Biotech News | 30.09.2019

Swiss pharma giant Roche is again extending its takeover offer for Spark Therapeutics. The offer...

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British Competition and Markets Authority CMA Wants an In-Depth Examination of Roche’s Takeover of Spark Therapeutics

Biotech News | 25.09.2019

The $4.3 billion takeover of the gene therapy specialist Spark Therapeutics by the Swiss pharma...

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Roche with Continuous Positive News Flow: FDA Approval for Cobas Whole Blood Screening Test

Biotech News | 20.09.2019

The Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche has today announced that its Cobas platform has gained FDA...

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Roche’s IL6 Receptor Antagonist Satralizumab Reduces Relapse Risk in Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder

Biotech News | 12.09.2019

Roche has today presented phase 3 clinical trial data on its IL-6 receptor antagonist satralizumab...

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Roche Receives FDA Approval for Cancer Drug Rozlytrek

Biotech News | 16.08.2019

Roche, the Basel-based pharmaceutical company, announced this morning that it has received approval...

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Roche Raises Outlook and Dividend: Share Gains

Biotech News | 25.07.2019

Roche, the Basel-based pharmaceutical group, presented its half-year results this morning. The...