Biotech GW Pharmaceuticals Portfolio Stock Recommendations

GW Pharmaceuticals: One of the Top Biotech Stocks for 2020

Biotech News | 26.02.2020

In the period of May to December 2019, shares of GW Pharmaceuticals had to suffer a major setback...

Agios Pharmaceuticals Portfolio Stock Recommendations

Agios Pharmaceuticals: Buy! One of the Top Biotech Stocks!

Biotech News | 26.10.2019

Since the beginning of April 2019, the stock of Agios Pharmaceuticals has known only one direction:...

Evotec Portfolio Stock Recommendations

Evotec: Buy!

Biotech News | 20.09.2019

Our society wants to live healthier and is getting older and older. This development holds enormous...

Macrogenics Portfolio Stock Recommendations

Macrogenics: Buy!

Biotech News | 26.07.2019

Macrogenics is an American biotech company focused on the development of innovative antibody...