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Evotec Exceeds Expectations: The Specialist for Biologics Is on Track

Biotech News | 20.01.2020

Thanks to good business in the fourth quarter and unexpectedly high milestone payments, the...

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Evotec and Vifor Pharmaceuticals with Joint Venture for New Nephrology Drugs

Biotech News | 10.11.2019

Evotec and Vifor Pharmaceuticals today announced a joint venture for the development of drugs for...

Biotech Evotec News

Evotec and Takeda Agree on a Deal for Drug Discovery

Biotech News | 24.09.2019

The Hamburg-based biotech company Evotec which offers services to partners such as Sanofi or Bayer...


Evotec: Massive Growth Potential

Biotech News | 20.09.2019

Our society wants to live healthier and is getting older and older. This development holds enormous...

Biotech Evotec News

Evotec Publishes Convincing Half-Yearly Results, Share Plunges

Biotech News | 15.08.2019

Despite the announcement of convincing half-year results and an increase in the forecast for 2019...